Letter From Mayor Riley

Mayor Riley

The decisions on matters of design of and in our towns and cities often have lasting impacts. If the decisions are well thought out and wise, present and future generations of citizens will benefit, with their quality of life enhanced.

That is the premise of the Riley Mayor’s Design Fellowship, to give our town and city leaders the understanding of their opportunity and responsibility of wisely guiding the future of their communities.

Thirty-two years ago, I helped found the U.S. Mayors’ Institute of City Design. The institution has positively impacted cities across our country. I believe that this design fellowship has the potential to do the same for our state.

If you are a Mayor selected for, or considering, the program, this experience will forever change the way you lead. If you are considering nominating a Mayor for participation, thank you for making the investment in your community.

Championing the power of design,

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Joseph P. Riley Jr.
Mayor of Charleston 1975-2016
Founder Mayors’ Institute on City Design